Social Investments

“As a company we try to help as much as we can.”

Selwin Swartz Fabricon Holdings CEO

Fabricon’s SI Model is based on an in-house strategic training and skills development partnership that positively impacts and transforms individuals, families, and community life.

Bursary Programme

The Fabricon CEO notes that “coming from the area I have seen that there are not enough opportunities for disadvantaged people, which means the poverty cycle continues. By providing a solution to the skills shortage in the country through this Programme, we are also broadening our database.”

Throughout its history Fabricon has prioritized training and skills development, including on-site training. Training is an integral part of our DNA. We advance this through KIMS Training Academy, a Fabricon subsidiary and KOUM Projects – our Foundation launched in 2022 will take SI to the next level.

 Key Social Investments

  • Award welding and mechanical training bursaries to matric graduates as well as those working in the engineering field who do not have the opportunity to study further.
  • Award matric bursaries to those who cannot afford to complete their final school year.
  • Support sports clubs and sporting initiatives. Sport is important both for recreation and as a career.
  • Support Early Childhood Development (ECD). These are critical years in the education and social development of young children.
  • We mentor, monitor, and evaluate our bursary recipients.
  • Ensure every effort is made to incorporate those who show commitment – into our project teams.

Early Childhood Development Programme

Fabricon intervened to support a local creche, Wentworth Edu care Centre. The school needed much attention. The children sat on floors, cramped together in a room. The company, with the help of sponsors Container Conversion, Wolf Electrical and All Sign – provided signage and two park-home containers were supplied. The containers were converted into classrooms, fully furnished and electricity connected.

Despite great challenges, this school’s leadership strives to educate children. The principal shows great passion and commitment to the school and its pupils. She chose not to give up. Education and a positive learning environment offer’s children much needed hope for a better life.

Sport Scholarship Programme

Over the years as a company, we have seen the positive impact of sport for recreational purposes as well as the life-changing opportunities that it presents. Hence, our Group has supported various initiatives and will continue to do so.

KOUM Projects: Strategic role in achieving SI Goals

Through KOUM Projects, Fabricon has already sponsored learners. In 2022 they completed our GTAW welding learning course facilitated through the companies on-site training facility – KIMS Training Academy (KTA).

This year – through Fabricon, KOUM Projects and KTA – the Group will present numerous training and skills development opportunities.

 Training and skills development is a sustainable social intervention that changes and impacts many lives within communities. As a collective we must strive to do more for the disadvantaged.

2023 Social Investment Goals

The Company with its strategic partners is working toward awarding numerous bursaries to deserving candidates in the following categories:

  •  Matriculants
  • Mechanical Trades  
  • Welding, and
  • Sport Scholarships

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